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Outside the Box: Unlocking the Potential of Content Creation and Digital Marketing

Making a career through content production is now more possible than ever due to the growing popularity of media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and Youtube. Making digital content is no longer only a hobby. Through its facilitation of communication, branding, marketing, education, and creativity, content production is having a significant influence on both our personal and professional lives. In light of this, on 10th April 2023, the Brac University Business & Economic Forum launched an intriguing learning series called “Outside the Box” with its first episode of season one conducted in the BBS Seminar Room on the 19th floor of Building 2 at Brac University.

With prominent speakers like Sadman Sadik, author, educator, and chief content creator of 10 Minute School, and Nafees Salim, entrepreneur and marketing consultant, who have revolutionised content creation and entrepreneurship in Bangladesh, the session sought to promote content creation, digital marketing as a career, and inspire people to explore their creativity. Along with media partner Somoy TV and streaming partner DhakaLive, BRACU Express served as the event’s on-campus media partner. Sirzil Haider, Vice President of the BracU Business & Economic Forum, moderated the discussion.

Taking the Leap

Sadman Sadik began the discussion by recounting the trajectory of his career. Continuing in his typical upbeat nature, Sadik said that he began creating content as a way of communicating because he was an introvert growing up. He went on to say that he believed it was essential to develop communication skills and self-promotional abilities while studying business and marketing. Nafees Salim, with an equally cheerful demeanour, defined content creation and explained how each one of us creates content which is what drives the growth of digital media. “ In reality, the flourishing of the content creation industry in Bangladesh was inevitable. It is certain that whatever happens in the West during the next four to five years will eventually influence the East,” he said.  In addition, he stated that there is a need for a formula and strategy involved in optimising content development.

Into the World of Content Creation

 Sadman Sadik provided incredible insights while discussing how one can enter the field of content development. “We need to create new content all the time if we want to be content creators. Online accountability is required of us. There also works an incentive to grow and evolve”, he remarked. That said, he suggested students come up with content related to their academic material. It will be an enriching and fantastic learning experience, whether it is for collaborative or personal growth. “Start creating content on things you are passionate about.  Content creation is a fantastic opportunity for self-development”, he assured.

Nafees encouraged students to stand out in whichever field they wanted to enter in order to keep their originality in the industry. He insisted, “Don’t strive to become the next Sadman Sadik. Be YOU. Everybody has their own strengths.”  He drove the students to believe in themselves and to take risks at a young age. In particular, he strongly believes that Bangladesh has a bright future in the content creation sector. 

Content Creation As a Career

When asked his opinion on content creation as a job, Sadman said, “To launch startups, prepare for the supply and concentrate on the branding. Profit is based on branding.” In response to the rapidly expanding field of artificial intelligence, he urged people to consider what would be important in a decade. His main priorities will be developing ways for habit formation among individuals and creating content for reducing people’s stress, which he sees as one of the pressing challenges in the near future.

Additionally, Nafees emphasised that having a strong supply chain and effective branding to draw clients are essential for becoming a successful entrepreneur. In order to succeed, he commented, “We must completely centre our attention on the customer and cater to their needs.” In response to the concerns of entrepreneurs, he stressed the need of keeping the audience at the top of the funnel. Strong customer touchpoints are required.

Parallel Topics and Key Takeaways

 Aside from all the engaging discussion, other intriguing topics came up, including whether it was essential to display face in content, how to break free from the content’s limited audience bubble, and the inevitable comparison game on social media. It is clear that the industry is rapidly evolving, and the importance of producing quality content has never been higher. The speakers provided valuable insights on how to create content that engages and resonates with the audience. Moreover, the event highlighted the significance of digital marketing in today’s landscape. Speakers discussed the various channels available for marketers to reach their target audiences and emphasised the importance of tailoring the message to fit each platform.

Overall, the event was an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn from experts in the field and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies in content creation and digital marketing. The information presented will undoubtedly prove useful for those looking to improve their marketing efforts and stay on top of the game in this ever-evolving industry.

Samin Mehzabeen

Samin Mehzabeen is the Head of Web Media at BRACU Express. She is a junior majoring in Computer Science at BRAC University. As she loses herself in the vast expanse of the sky and seeking solace in the nature, she attempts to connect with the readers with her writing and hopes to make a positive effect on them. Happy reading! Reach her at

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