Barbie’s galactic empowerment journey lights up screens

Barbie’s galactic empowerment journey lights up screens

In a year of cinematic constellations, ‘Barbie’ shines brightest, breaking box office records and igniting a transformative shift in perceptions of play, empowerment, and storytelling. The film’s nods to classics and a universe of ambition ensure its impact across generations.

Picture a scene frozen in time, as young minds gather beneath ethereal light. A nod to Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ this opening heralds transformation. Radiant in that light stands not a monolith, but Barbie herself—an emblem of change where baby dolls lose their reign.

Barbie’s journey echoes that cosmic call to action. From playrooms dominated by baby dolls to a world where nurturing aligns with ambition, the film embodies a paradigm shift. Barbie transcends her role; she embodies cosmic empowerment, a reminder that dreams outstretch the limits of convention.

The film begins with Stereotypical Barbie (Margot Robbie) in Barbie Land—a world of whimsy, dreams, and adventure. But wait, a U-turn occurs faster than Ken (Ryan Gosling) in a racecar. Suddenly, she’s in our world—a place of spotty Wi-Fi and the daunting realm of adulting.

Now, let’s talk about Barbie and Ken – a duo that makes everyone wish they were part of a two-pack action figure set. This time around,  Ken’s dreams have finally been given the spotlight treatment, and his character growth is like a Ken doll upgrade – sleek, impressive, and long overdue.

Barbie’s adventure in our reality is like watching your favorite action figure try to be an adult – it’s a mix of hilarious confusion and heartwarming growth. From encountering commuting chaos to realizing that wearing high heels in a park might not be the best idea (ouch!)Barbie stumbles into the revelation that our world isn’t exactly the utopia she’s used to.

Amid the laughter and adventure, the movie  delivers cinematic Easter eggs that leave movie buffs grinning from ear to ear. Subtle nods to classic films weave seamlessly into the narrative, delivering chuckles and “aha” moments that add an extra layer of enjoyment.

As the credits roll, ‘Barbie’ unveils more than a film—it’s a voyage where play and dreams merge. The opening scene ignites relevance, echoing a truth: Barbie is empowerment, beyond time and space. Whether a fan or seeking light-hearted escape, this movie belongs on your watchlist. Get ready for pure entertainment!

Tagabun Taharim

Tagabun Taharim is the Editor-in-chief at BRACU Express. She is a junior majoring in Electrical and Electronic Engineeing at BRAC University. Amidst the bustling thoughts constantly weaving through her mind, she seeks refuge in the realm of dreams, often pausing to indulge in her affection for the canvas of the sky and the mesmerizing hues of sunsets, evoking a profound fondness for all things celestial. Reach her at tagabun.taharim.titun@g.bracu.ac.bd

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