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Many of us often have to resort to the tedious task of going to a tailor every time we wish to make customised clothing of our choice. Habiba Akter Shathi (Senior, BBS) solved this problem by establishing the first ever clothing line in Bangladesh producing high-fashion western clothing- Silkworm. Expertly delivering high standards of elegance, style and beauty, Silkworm offers high-end products at affordable prices. Besides creating their own uniquely designed line, they provide buyers the option to customise their own attires in various colours, sizes, and designs with high-quality material.
Shathi’s road to success was not a smooth one; for one, juggling a full-time business and academics proved to be a challenge. Initially, many of her designs were initially frowned upon due to a cultural gap. Nonetheless, with the passage of time, her designs were soon widely appreciated and applauded.
Presently, due to Shathi’s diligence and dedication towards her business, the size and brand value of Silkworm has escalated. She has also established her own production house and studio where she organises photo shoots for her products. She is confident that after graduation, she can take up her business as a full-time occupation because not only does it give her joy, but also provides a sense of fulfillment professionally.
Written by : Tanzila Kaokab
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