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As a rising makeup artist, for Nusratul Hai (Sophomore, LLB), makeup is not just limited to colours and textures. The practice of putting makeup on her clients helps her navigate a personal creative journey. The Facebook page, “Makeup By Nisa” is perhaps the embodiment of what goes on inside this young law student’s mind. For Nusratul, pursuing her passion in the arts was anything but accidental- it took her years to hone her craft in the ever-changing world of makeup. “I was contemplating dropping the makeup business, after what seemed like a family intervention 3 years ago”, Nusratul recalls. To her family, “painting faces” seemed like a far-flung passion that would only disrupt her academics and intentions of becoming a lawyer.
To her parents’ shock, Nusratul went on to win the prestigious “Battle of the Brushes” the very next day in front of the nation’s greatest makeup artists. Things have been quite different since that day, making Nusratul one of the most sought-after faces in the industry. As collaboration is the key to sustaining the business, most of her clients know her through her incredible portfolio. With thousands of followers across social media platforms, Nusratul often makes brand content with industry giants for reviews and promotions. Her internet fans have been cheering her on since the very beginning, and according to Nusratul, “None of it would have been possible without the support of the people around me.”
During the pandemic, Nusratul has adapted newer methods to gain exposure while providing her clients with unique bridal and editorial makeup looks. Nusratul wants women to feel empowered in their skin, and with that in mind, she is planning to set up her own studio in the near future. Additionally, she also plans to run workshops for people who want to kick start their own businesses and engage with younger makeup artists, while pursuing her degree at Brac University.
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Written by Nowshin Islam

Anindita Rhine

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