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BUAPS hosts Novato Fiesta: Harry Potter Carnival Experience

The Brac University Art and Photography Society (BUAPS) recently hosted a captivating Harry Potter-themed carnival titled “Novato Fiesta” from August 19th to August 20th. This magical event featured a Horcrux hunt, a gaming zone, face painting stalls, Harry Potter-themed merchandise booths, a mesmerizing magic show, a captivating one-wall exhibition, and an exciting cosplay session, among other enchanting activities. They also hosted a live talk show by the renowned artists Ajoy Sen Chowdhury and Ahmed Newaz.

Noveta Fiesta: Harry Potter-themed Carnival

The carnival kicked off on August 19th with a thrilling gaming zone, where students from various disciplines came together to enjoy games and compete in contests. Participants registered on-spot to challenge each other in the games of Mortal Kombat, FIFA and Hogwarts Legacy. In addition, they also got to experience a music performance. The first day of the carnival concluded with the inauguration of the one-wall exhibition, adding an artistic touch to the festivities.

The second day commenced with a Horcrux hunt where participants engaged in a treasure hunt spanning the buildings of Brac University campus. The hunt was followed by a magic show and there was a magic booth as well. While the crowd was drawn to the face-art booths and Harry Potter-themed merchandise stalls arranged in the venue, BUAPS football team, who were the quarter-finalists of the Brac University Football League (BUFL) were introduced to the visitors as well.

Noveta Fiesta: Harry Potter-themed Carnival

The grand finale of the event was a live talk show featuring artists Ajoy Sen Chowdhury and Ahmed Newaz. Ajoy Sen Chowdhury had previously conducted a successful painting workshop in collaboration with BUAPS.

Carnivals like “Novato Fiesta” will assist students of Brac University to engage with the contemporary art scene actively. 

Syed Abdullah Jabeer

Syed Abdullah Jabeer is a contributor at BRACU Express. He is a first year student majoring in LL.B, School of Law at BRAC University. Reach him at

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