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ESS Celebrates World Anthropology Day

The BRAC University Department of Economics and Social Sciences hosted an event with their Anthropology majors to celebrate “World Anthropology Day” on the 16th of February in the UB04 ESS meeting room. The event was divided into two sessions: a thesis presentation and a roundtable discussion with the prompt, “What Does Anthropology Mean To You?” Professors Shahidur Rahman, Seuty Sabur, Moiyen Zalal Chowdhury along with a special guest, Professor Wasiqur Rahman from Economics led the conversations over snacks and coffee. The intention was to inspire students and motivate them to pursue an Anthropology-centric career rather than divert away from the path due to the lack of exposure our country has to the subject. 

Dr. Seuty Sabur, Dr. Shahidur Rahman and Dr. Wasiqur Rahman observing the content of the thesis presentation
Dr. Moiyen Zalal Chowdhruy with his thesis student Mosfiqur Rahman Johan.

According to the American Anthropological Association (A.A.A.), it is said that every third Thursday of February is “World Anthropology Day.” Anthropology is the study of what makes us human and it is extremely important in the current world scenario. By hosting an intimate discussion session, the faculty were able to engage in a personal talk with students who usually shy away from being open with their insecurities regarding their ambitions. A key statement mutually shared amongst the Professors was, “Make anthropology known across various fields by becoming a pioneer of it.” By celebrating this event for the first time in the department, the students of Anthropology were highly encouraged to reorient themselves and begin moulding their passions the way they are most comfortable instead of relying on the global job market demands.

The Anthropology Department concluding the event with a group picture

Masuma Warda Khan

Masuma Warda Khan is an Administrative Manager at BRACU Express. She is at her third year, majoring in Anthropology, in the Department of Economics and Social Sciences. An organized, ready-for-action, productive girl ready for service! Reach her at: masuma.warda.khan@g.bracu.ac.bd

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