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Connecting the Real World through Books of Memoirs

The journey of life is never simple. Humans strive for their survival and evolution. Many individuals have come forward and shared those emotions, challenges, and notable memories through their nonfiction works, which are called memoirs. This genre of books unravels the realistic experience of the author from a particular period of their life.

Let us have a look at some suggested memoirs that might help you resonate with their stories.

When Breath Becomes Air is a poignant and awe-spiring memoir of an American neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi. A touching story where he shares his reflections on being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Instead of despair, he embraced his last moments with his adorable family. He teaches us to make the best use of every opportunity for a meaningful life.

Then there is The Glass of Castle, an enthralling memoir in which American author Jeannette Walls depicts the poverty, abuse, and lively yet disordered upbringing of her childhood. Her father’s alcoholism and her mother’s negligence in rearing them severely affected their lives. Through hardship and persistence, the children gain maturity. It demonstrates that the traumatic experiences could not stop them from progressing in life.

Lastly, we have A Long Way Gone, a powerful memoir of a Sierra Leonean boy soldier, Ishmael Beah. He describes the inhumane practices during the Sierra Leone Civil War. In that period, children in Africa were forced to join the military and conduct dreadful tasks. He addresses this issue so that people can comprehend a part of human nature where many become victims of such circumstances.

A memoir not only signifies the truth but also connects the reader to the practicality of the world. It invites a reader to acquire insightful lessons from life. We learn from our flaws and complications. Whether you are a bibliophile or not, consider giving it these incredible books a read!

Saima Sayeeda

Saima Sayeeda is a contributing journalist in the writing unit at BRACU Express. She is Sophomore in the Department of English and Humanities at BRAC University. She desires to evolve her analytical skills and enlighten her perception. Encountering new knowledge and circumstances can be challenging, but with curiosity, she plans to proceed. Reach her at

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