INT101: navigating university life for introverts

Starting university on your own is as intimidating as it can get. More so, when you are someone who prefers to have their own company. Whether you are struggling to open yourself to others or having difficulty finding the right people to click with, navigating university without a familiar face can be pretty daunting. However, the good thing is that there are others who are going through the same struggles as you. And if you manage to scout a fellow introvert in the crowd, they may have a few tips and tricks that will make this endeavour a little easier for you.

The best way to meet people is to start with the basics—going to class regularly. People who attend lectures every day are not only etched into the minds of the faculties but students too. And more often than not, people approach them in hopes to gather information about the course. The initial conversations may circle around academics strictly but before you know it, you will be bonding over your common interests while sipping iced tea. In fact, many students use this strategy to survive courses with no familiar faces. However, if you are specifically looking for a kindred spirit, an excellent way to do it is by observing the crowd around you. Md. Galib Ahsan (Junior, ENH) says, “I like to study my classmates and find interesting details about them. A guy will instantly become your friend if you compliment his bright yellow pants.”

Unfortunately, the struggle does not end here. Depending on your schedule, a good part of your day may include gaps between classes. If you want to make this break exceedingly productive, you can go to the study room in UB2 to catch up on your lectures or go to the library and read books. And if you want to socialize with more people, you can visit the indoor games room in UB6. Md. Faisal Rezwon (Junior, ENH) says, “The games room has people from different departments. And they are friendly too! Every time I go around the carrom or chess boards, someone always invites me to join.” Another good way to pass the time is by joining clubs. Clubs not only help you pass your time productively but also make you work on activities that give you more scope to mingle with others.

Overall, university life is hard, but not impossible, to get by without friends. Friends add a certain depth to your undergraduate experience. From sharing knowing looks in classes to passing notes, the feeling of someone having your back is incomparable. So instead of worrying about your shortcomings, focus on your strengths and take the plunge.

Zaima Imtiaz

Zaima is a contributor at BRACU Express. She is a 3rd year majoring in ELT and Linguistics in the English Department at Brac University. Reach her at zaima.imtiaz@g.bracu.ac.bd

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