Intra-University Chess Championship Fall 2021

On December 24th, BRAC University Chess Club (BUCHC) hosted the Intra University Chess Championship of Fall 2021 for students, alumni, faculty, and staff members of Brac University. With 22 participants, it was indeed an exciting battle, as players competed for the right to claim the championship title.

This Championship was a 6 round Blitz tournament. The tournament was held on an open-source chess server called Lichess and participants had to have an account at The chess club also organised a training session to polish the skills of the participants, the fruit of which was the excellent performance demonstrated by the competitors. After a neck and neck battle, Anata Choudhury (Sophomore, MNS) came out on top winning all six rounds and reclaiming his championship titles. Mohammad Shakil (Senior, EEE) finished as the first runner-up with five out of six wins, and Abdullah Al Muhit (Junior, BBS) finished as the second runner-up with four wins. 

The chess championship is a fantastic platform for all chess enthusiasts of BracU to hone their chess skills, learn and bond over one of the oldest and most popular board games.

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