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Resonance Volume 5 Inauguration: Celebrating Creativity and Connection

The Resonance family convened on August 9th to celebrate a triumphant occasion – the unveiling of Resonance, Volume 5. The event gracefully unfolded within the hallowed halls of the University Building 2’s prestigious auditorium, where Zaima Imtiaz and Tasnim Tajri Sultana, both hailing from the Department of English and Humanities , orchestrated the event with finesse.

Esteemed luminaries who played pivotal roles in  this volume graced the occasion, which included the co-advisors, Ms. Jahin Kaiissar and Dr. Mahruba Mowtushi of the Department of English and Humanities, alongside Dr. Firdous Azim, the illustrious chairperson of the department.  However, the esteemed Founder-Advisor, Rukhsana R. Chowdhury was not able to be present in the celebration.

Resonance, a creative haven since 2011, has expanded its horizons to include diverse art forms. The digital inauguration by Ms. Jahin Kaiissar set the tone, followed by captivating performances that brought literature to life.

The event featured captivating readings and performances. Rubina Nusrat Puspa reimagined a classic love story in Lost from the Pages of History: Confessions of Manjun, Sourav Mitra delivered a spine-tingling performance from Innate, and Raina Isabella’s sonnet Art and Artist explored the intricate bond between creator and creation. Murshidul Alam Bhuiyan’s Shayari, accompanied by Nahian Noor Shejuti’s enchanting voice and guitar skills, added a musical touch.

As Khadija Tul Kubra, one of the talented editors of this volume stated, “This time, we had an entirely new team of editors, offering a fresh and exciting experience. Initially, we received numerous submissions, and the task of selecting pieces for publication proved challenging, given the exceptional quality of each submission.”

The advisors highlighted that Resonance unites talents, serving as an inspiration to others. This bilingual platform accommodates diverse voices, nurturing a vibrant community. The new volume embraces visual elements, encouraging various art forms like photography, drama, music, and comics in future editions. In essence, Resonance Volume 5 encapsulates the spirit of creativity and camaraderie.

The event was followed by a celebration in the newly decorated seminar room on the 13th floor, where selected art submissions were exhibited.

Embark on an exciting journey by clicking on the link below to dive into the captivating pages of Resonance Volume 5 :

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