Radio Silence: reflection of yourself in fiction

Radio Silence is a love letter for those souls walking the fine line between early-college pressure and figuring out what they want out of life. The book reflects young people’s anxiety, the force of emotions, and the deep connections that one only experience as a teenager. It fosters independence, shows how families may have a beneficial and detrimental impact on their children. It is emphasized that ticking out one academic goal after the other is not the sole purpose of life. 

This book follows the blossoming of a boy and a girl’s entirely platonic friendship. Frances, the protagonist of the narrative, is an intellectually motivated teenager whose sole ambition is to achieve good marks and gain admission to a reputable university. She discreetly does artwork for a science fiction podcast and later befriends Aled, the podcast’s founder. Soon, their bond alters both sides of their lives. The embedded message of Radio Silence is that it is alright to be uncertain of one’s individuality and professional aspirations. 

Consistently, the author makes an effort to give her characters a range of unique features. Everyone feels reflected and recognized, which gives a sense of belonging. The grim tone and dark wit, portrayed the theme of the way society and parents mold students to be perfect with rules and expectations. Through dialogue and harrowing events, Alice Oseman demonstrated the stereotypical perspective of parents who think having a creative future in the arts is a fool’s errand. The author mastered the task of capturing the voice and cries of a whole generation through her style of writing, compelling us to see the world as it really is.

Radio Silence is the definition of a warm embrace for students trying to navigate life. Oseman did a fantastic job of portraying the strain that young adults experience, which can give the feeling of one staring into their own reflection. 

Trigger warning: suicide, domestic violence, harsh language, mental health and bullying. 

Samia Mahrin

Samia Mahrin is a journalist at BRACU Express. She is on her 3rd year, majoring in English and Humanities at Brac University. She was born in Bangladesh but was raised both here as well as UAE. She's a voracious reader and an expert at stressing but looking cool while doing it, and—most importantly—She's sailing toward her dream of being the next Carrie Bradshaw or Dorothy Kilgallen.

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