The Millennium Fellows of 2021: Clivi-Scope

The Millennium Fellowship has caused an unequivocally positive turn in Masuba Aaron’s (Sophomore, EEE) life and heightened his visions for the betterment of planet Earth. It has brought a web of connections to his doorstep, linking him with like-minded people who are as passionate as he is about climate action. Aaron believes that the key to unlocking the doors to a better tomorrow is the unity of minds through correct utilisation, which is present in The Millennium Fellowship.
Aaron’s passion for climate action began when he used to live in his home country, Uganda. He witnessed the heart-wrenching impacts of climate change, dispossession, and displacement when he saw his fellow citizens being torn away from their homes and livelihoods due to floods rising over a level of 5.1ft. After Aaron moved to Bangladesh on February 10th of 2021, his concerns regarding climate change grew exponentially. Though he acknowledged the difference in the local context of problems associated with climate change, the harmful impacts of it were clear. After attending a summit organised by Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre (BYLC), Aaron’s learnings about the global conditions of detrimental climatic issues were enhanced further.
Aaron’s alarming concerns paired up with his knowledge and research about global warming and past patents worked as the foundation of his innovative ideas. From this commenced his prodigious project, Clivi Scope – which expands to mean ‘climate, vision’ and talks about the scopes available to refine humanity’s current conditions. This ingenious device works by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), computer vision, sensors, and global positioning systems (GPS) set on drones to aid in the assessment and supervision of new spaces to re-afforest. The Clivi-Scope collects data of atmospheric temperatures and humidity through the use of sensors, AI, and ML. This is then used in drawing patterns and neurons for assessment from the data obtained by the computer vision to reach strong, reliable decisions and conclusions.
Aaron believes that Clivi-Scope is a stepping stone to contribute to SDG13: Climate Action. He has robust visions of taking this project even further to its apex.

Raima Rahman

Raima Rahman is the Head of Creative at BRACU Express. She is a 4th year student majoring in Architecture at BRAC University. She is detail oriented, naturally inquisitive and has big dreams of designing structures, spaces and forms applying functionality, aesthetics to draw the world closer to environment friendly Architecture. Reach her at

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