The Introspective Artist: Farzana Islam

As a very detached and absent person, I’d rather be making art than anything else. It always helps to convey what I want to express when words so often fail me. I don’t usually start off by having some grand idea or message I’d like to get across through whatever it is I’m creating. My approach to art is rather simple – I try to draw things that make me happy, which often happens to be portraying my friends, even though it doesn’t end up looking like them sometimes. And it doesn’t always make a lot of sense either, I feel it doesn’t always need to. When I’m creating something, I’m not thinking about what it might end up conveying, but rather I’m just having fun and enjoying the process of creating as I wait for the moment of “okay, I like this”. This hit of self-satisfaction is therapeutic to me and is a very important element in my art. Truth be told, I honestly believe if I am not happy with what I’ve created, anyone else looking at it won’t like what they see either.

You can find more of Farzana’s art here:…

Anindita Rhine

Anindita Rhine is a senior majoring in English Literature at BRAC University. She spends most of her time looking at puppers and wishing to be the Mother-of-All-Doggos on Earth. Reach her at

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