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MNS Department organises a seminar on microalgae production

BRAC University Biotechnology Program has organised a seminar featuring the production of ‘microalgae’ called Euglena by a Japanese company called Euglena Co., Ltd. Microalgae is a revolutionary product for the food, cosmetic, and even fuel industries.

Dr. Munima Haque, the Program Director and Associate Professor of Biotechnology, made the introduction. She briefly explained how Euglena is used and how it works to build a community that maintains the carbon cycle. The programme was later graced with the speech of the honourable Vice Chancellor of Brac University, Professor Dr. Vincent Chang. Afterward, the CEO of Euglena Co. Ltd., Mitsuru Izimu, talked about the prevalent malnutrition problem in Bangladesh and how Euglena can help to solve this problem.

Euglena Co. Ltd. is now confronting the issue of malnutrition by supplying supplement cookies to schools. Euglena Co. Ltd., keeping a friendly relationship with Bangladesh, is also providing cookies in the Rohingya refugee camps and schools in Cox’s Bazar, where the children are at high risk of malnutrition. The product range is not just the cookies; the company is mass-producing a variety of products using Euglena as well. Apart from food products, Euglena Co. Ltd. is also focusing on producing aviation fuel and biodiesel, which can reduce carbon emissions and be sustainable for the environment.

Aside from that, Mitsuru Izimo has also emphasised the value of women in leadership roles and their initiative to empower teenage girls. He was optimistic about the new generation and their innovative, socially responsible concepts for a long-lasting, carbon-free world. The programme was interactive by including a question-and-answer session where participants could voice their concerns about the new technology. Finally, the chairperson of the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department, Professor Dr. Yusuf Haider, graciously concluded the seminar.

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