“Ribbon of Hope” Seminar by BUNSC: Shines Light on Breast Health

In a caring move inspired by Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Brac University Natural Science Club (BUNSC) recently organized a special seminar called “Ribbon of Hope” to discuss breast cancer awareness. This event was held on Sunday, October 15th, in the Building 2 indoor auditorium from 11 am to 12:30 pm.

Choosing to host the seminar in October, known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, added a meaningful layer to the event. BUNSC’s idea to align with this global initiative reflects its commitment to raising awareness about breast cancer and promoting overall well-being. To make the occasion even more impactful,  Prof. Dr Md. Habibullah Talukder, a Cancer Epidemiologist and Preventive Oncologist from the National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital (NICRH) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, graciously shared his knowledge with the audience. During the seminar, Prof. Dr Talukder shared important information about breast cancer and why it is crucial to take steps to prevent it. Students and teachers alike had a lot to learn from his expert knowledge on the matter. 

The seminar not only provided crucial information about breast cancer but also served as a reminder of the strength that collective awareness can bring to the community. The symbolism of the ribbon represents hope and unity. As Breast Cancer Awareness Month encourages a global conversation about the importance of early detection and prevention, BUNSC’s seminar contributed to this dialogue on a local level.

BUNSC’s dedication to organizing events of such significance underscores its commitment to community well-being. “Ribbon of Hope” stands as a testament to the power of education and collective action in the realm of healthcare awareness, encouraging everyone to be proactive in the face of breast cancer and fostering a sense of hope for a healthier future.

Jabonnahar Jaba

Jabonnahar Jaba is a writer at Bracu Express. She joined bracu in fall 21 and majoring in BSC in biotechnology, under math and natural science department at brac university. Reach her at jabonnahar.jaba@g.bracu.ac.bd

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