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Anyone with a four-wheeler in Bangladesh can comprehend the hardship in finding service for their transport. It is not something that you would find in every corner of your area. This is what inspired Abidur Rahman Bhuiyan (Senior, ESS) and four of his friends to create their start-up company called ‘Car Nursing’. “We have seen people getting car washes from different stores where they had to wait in the queue, which wastes both time and fuel, and not getting the proper services as most of the stores use cheap detergents that ruin the body paint,” says Abidur.

BE presents Biz Buzz 3: Car Nursing
BE presents Biz Buzz 3: Car Nursing

Car Nursing provides various modes of services including both interior and exterior wash, interior deep cleaning, and will soon introduce ceramic coating and car health check-ups. Since Abidur and his friends are all current students, they have had to constantly face drawbacks due to their individual academic pressures and financial restraints. Not to mention, the ongoing pandemic has also left an effect on their newly organised business. Despite a stagnant period of growth during the lockdown, they were fully booked in the pre-Eid season. Abidur believes academic excellence and business are interrelated; in the long run of their business, academic success is a must.

Due to limited investment, Car Nursing is only operating in Dhanmondi and will soon expand in the not-too-distant future, thanks to Abidur and his friends’ families whose enormous support has motivated them to achieve what many could only dream of.

Finally, Abidur comments, “An initiative and the courage, as well as the confidence, is what it takes to become an entrepreneur. There will be risks and uncertainty and we have faced many with our business but staying intransigent is what kept us going. Additionally, family support is a crucial thing, be it financially or mentally.”

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Written by Fardin Alam

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